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Welcome to ACSEL Share. This site is for you, the creator of Reality shaders. In here you can find many resources to help you get the most from ACSEL. For example, by using the Shader Catalog you can check if a certain model has a shader already made. In the same page you can set if you want to receive notifications. These notifications are email sent to you whenever a new shader is added or updated. It’s a easy way to stay on the top of the news and avoid re-inventing the (shader) wheel. Don’t worry about emails, we never spam anybody and the addresses are not getting out of this site. This is a service to you  and you can remove your name any time by visiting the Shader Catalog page.

Although this site looks different from the main Prêt-à-3D site it shares the the same data so your login with if valid here, no need to duplicate anything. If you need to login or register for this site you can visit the Login page.

Have fun!